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Tuning Out: CD 92.9’s Bittersweet Farewell Amidst Legal Tussles and Radio Resurrections

For over three decades, CD 92.9 has been the pulse of central Ohio, coursing through the lives of countless Columbus residents. From the angst-ridden teenage years to the heartaches of early adulthood, this legendary alternative rock station has been a constant companion, shaping memories and providing a unique soundtrack to our lives.

Randy Malloy, President, and owner of CD 92.9 recently announced the station’s departure from the central Ohio airwaves. In a press release, Malloy shared the heartbreaking news that, after 33 years, CD 92.9 will cease its radio broadcast as of January 31, 2024. The station, a local institution and one of Ohio’s last independently operated radio stations, has been an integral part of the community since its establishment in 1990.

However, recent developments have introduced conflicting narratives regarding the future of CD 92.9, involving the brand’s owner, Randy Malloy, and the owner of the station’s FCC license, Delmar Communications Inc.

Malloy stated in a social post that despite extensive discussions, they were unable to finalize an agreement to continue broadcasting on the 92.9 FM frequency, thus concluding the station’s run on January 31.

Contrastingly, Brent Casagrande, president of Delmar-owned station My 96.7 FM, expressed a different perspective in a social media post. According to Casagrande, Delmar Media plans to continue operating an alternative music radio station at the same frequency starting February 1, 2024, effectively continuing the legacy of CD 92.9 with a new and refreshing version of The NEW WWCD.

However, a post from CD 92.9 FM on X claimed that Delmar and ICS asked the station to transfer its music library and website to them. CD 92.9 FM asserted its ownership of the intellectual property and insisted that any use by Delmar would require a purchase.

The situation escalated further when CD 92.9 FM accused Delmar of violating their 2020 licensing agreement by insinuating that the February 1 launch would be a “continuation of the brand that we spent 30+ years building.” CD 92.9 FM claimed Delmar was using their intellectual property without authorization and vowed to take legal action to protect their brand.

The negotiations breakdown surfaced as CD 92.9 FM detailed the proposed agreement’s late payment provisions, including a termination clause for a one-day late payment and a 10% penalty, later amended to immediate termination if not paid within seven days. Delmar, on the other hand, cited a history of late payments by CD 92.9 FM as a reason for including these provisions.

As of now, the current WWCD 92.9 is set to end broadcasting at midnight on January 31. Delmar remains committed to the frequency, regardless of whether a deal is struck to sell the CD 92.9 branding. Malloy intends to continue broadcasting via the CD 92.9 website, leaving the future of the iconic radio station hanging in the balance.

As Columbus awaits the outcome, the airwaves that have been the heartbeat of alternative rock in central Ohio are undergoing a transformation, and the community braces itself for the next chapter in the radio legacy.

The music may change, but the resonance of CD 92.9 will forever echo in the hearts of those it touched.

Featured image via Facebook.