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Cbus ArtWalks Has Added Curated Tours Of Columbus To Their App

The ArtWalks app was already pretty cool. But now they’ve gone and made it even cooler.

The Cbus ArtWalks app was developed in collaboration between the Greater Columbus Arts Council and Can’t Stop Cbus and it was launched in response to the pandemic. The latest update to the app has added curated tours.

The themed tours will help guests explore public art, featuring highlights like the River Walk Tour and the Tour of Landmark Sculptures by African American Artists. You can view a full list of tours at

Additionally, historic architecture will be added to the apps database in the fall when a new version of the app is released. The Cbus ArtWalks app can be downloaded from both the Apple and Google for Android app stores. Direct download links are available at

The app makes exploring art in Columbus so simple. Users can view photos and descriptions of more than 1,200 pieces of public art in Central Ohio.

“We’re very excited to bolster the reach of the ArtWalks app by partnering with Columbus Public Health,” said Jami Goldstein, vice president of marketing, communications and events for the Arts Council. “Our mission is to continue making it easy for people to find public art and historic architecture and to make it fun and healthy to do so.”

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