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A Burger From Butcher’s Galley Will Be The Best Thing You Eat This Week

East Market has been open for a while now, but it’s hard to get over just how amazing it really is. The market offers a huge variety to visitors, from waffles to Morroccan food. But one of the absolute highlights of the market is Butcher & Grocer.

Selling only the highest quality Ohio beef, lamb, pork, chicken, cheese, and select grocery items, Butcher & Grocer knows a thing a two about the perfect meat-based meal. The meat products are “100% pastured and are antibiotic and growth hormone-free.”

Butcher’s Galley is where you can really get an immediate taste of just how incredible the meat at Butcher & Grocer can be. Located in the bustling East Market, I’m not being hyperbolic when I tell you that the best burger and fries of your life are waiting for you here.

The creative forces in the kitchen at Butcher’s Galley aren’t holding back when it comes to putting together a unique menu. The menu rotates frequently, but the smash burger sliders are a guarantee.

We had three different burgers during our visit and each one was flavorful and delicious. While the menu does rotate, you can expect to find the OG burger on the menu at most times. It’s a gooey kind of sandwich, absolutely smothered in Butcher Galley’s house sauce, but don’t let the messiness of the burger put you off. I promise you’ll be singing its praises no matter how much of a mess it makes while you’re eating it.

If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment to your burger, you absolutely have to give the fries a try. Not only were the fries cooked to perfection, they also had the most incredible flavor thanks to the fact that they are fried in beef tallow. By using this otherwise discarded part of the cow, the culinary geniuses at Butcher & Grocer can utilize nearly every piece of the animal.

Right next to the checkout, you’ll find a small to-go area where you can grab all kinds of goodies to go, including cheesecake from The Bearded Baker. The cheesecakes are made fresh every day and they’re the perfect way to end your meal at Butcher’s Galley.

For more info, or to start planning your visit to the Butcher & Grocer or Butcher’s Galley, head over to East Market is located at 212 Kelton Ave, Columbus, OH 43205.