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A Crystal Clear Oasis Could Be Coming To Buckeye Lake

Buckeye Lake has been a popular summer destination for decades.

Although the lake has had its fair share of problems, from algae blooms to unsavory history, it’s still a spot where people enjoy gathering with their families in the warmer months. And the popularity of the lake could get a massive spike if a new proposed lagoon comes to fruition.

The Crystal Lake project is a new lagoon, complete with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, that could generate $1.7 million in annual revenue and bring hundreds of thousands of guests to the Buckeye Lake region.

The eight-acre area would include a public access lagoon, open May through September, a cabana and party pavilions, kayaking and stand-up paddleboards, a full-service restaurant, and more. The technology to clean the lagoon includes pulses of disinfection that allow up to 100 times fewer chemicals than conventional water attractions and energy-efficient filtration systems. pools.

Both the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation and Grow Licking County believe that the lagoon could be a huge tourist draw for the region and that public and private cooperation will be needed to fund the project.

“We’re already starting to see what it’s going to take to a degree, whether it’s investors, or partners or just general interest. We need to continue to show momentum in that area and collaboration among the community,” Nate Strum, director of Grow Licking County, told the Newark Advocate. “I think one of the key drivers when it comes to any kind of economic movement, whether it’s the tourism industry, (or) economic development in the economic base industry, it’s showing you have one vision, one goal, and you’re moving toward those incrementally.”

To learn more about the project, you can visit the Buckeye Lake Regional Corporation website.