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You Can Now Plan An Epic Birthday Party For Your Pup With BrewDog

Have you been struggling to plan an epic celebration for your bestest friend…aka your pup?

Struggle, no more. BrewDog has just announced that they’re launching a beer just for dogs to celebrate Fido’s biggest birthdays. Pup owners can schedule “Pawties” for their doggos birthdays at the DogTap’s outdoor dog park in Canal Winchester.

“Dogs are as important to us as any of our two-legged craft beer drinking fans. On any given day at our bars, you’re certain to see dogs of all shapes and sizes accompanying their humans,” said BrewDog co-founder James Watt. “The Dog Pawties service is an extension of our desire to make our bars the most welcoming places for owners as well as their dogs.”

BrewDog will provide all the fixins for your furry friend and his furry friends, including dog-sized party hats, specially brewed dog beer, and of course, a dog-friendly birthday cake.

The dog beer, made with boiled carrots and bananas, will be brewed fresh on-site and the company says a local pet bakery will provide the sweet treats for pups to indulge in. The party will cost $10 per dog in attendance, which is cheaper than most human parties so, therefore, 100% worth it.

For more info about the dog pawties, visit BrewDog’s website.