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This Amazing Storage Container Cabin Is Your New Favorite Hocking Hills Getaway

If the idea of staying in a rustic cabin in the woods isn’t appealing to you, don’t worry, we’ve got something else in store entirely.

The Box Hop is ah-mazing. It opened back in December 2018 and this “cabin” is really three large storage containers stacked together. Did I make it sound institutional? It isn’t. The inside is breathtaking and the owners have given a lot of attention to detail. It’s cozy and modern, and secluded but not far from civilization (which is good for me since I’m terrified of everything). 

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I was looking for a place to stay with the kids over the extended winter break from school.  Seriously, I feel like they’ve been home from school since like, November. There’s a 2-night minimum stay so we packed up and headed out just a few days into the new year.  It’s easy to find, though be prepared for a steep drive up to the cabin off the main road.

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Most of the best parts of the stay involved all the amenities. Cable TV, washer/dryer, huge soaking tub, hot tub, grill…really, it had all the comforts of home but none of the hassle. In full disclosure mode, I will say that we had a little trouble figuring out the faucets in the showers, as well as the locks on all the doors. Perhaps it’s because I live in a house built in the 1920s, so all these newfangled machinations were just overwhelming for little ol’ me. 

The kitchen was stocked, not to mention beautiful. I would’ve loved to take that SMEG fridge home with me, although I suppose it would be a little small for full-time use.  From the appliances to the smaller details, nothing was missed.

There were towels aplenty for showering and for using after a dip in the hot tub, plus a microwave, stove, and DISHWASHER! Though, we did still bring paper plates. Ain’t nobody got time for dishes on vacation, amiright? 

The only [potential] drawback that I could see would be the stairs pictured below. This was the only way to access the second floor, where there are two bedrooms and a full bathroom.  The stairs are pretty narrow, though solid.

If any members of your group have mobility issues, this would be a huge drag. They worked well enough for our group, and there’s a wider set of stairs outside that also lead to the second floor, with access through the “garage” door, but just something to think about prior to booking. 

We spent our days hiking at Rock House and Cantwell Cliffs, and then the kids explored the wooded areas around the cabin. We set them up with a “Survivor” style game (the Jeff Probst version, not a more macabre game, don’t worry). The kids built shelters in the woods and the adults sat around the gas fire table and drank beer. Perfect combination. 

In addition the fridge, the other thing I’d love to take home would be the leather couch. It was buttery soft and comfortable to boot. Really everything here stylistically was in my wheelhouse.  I can’t wait to go back when it’s warmer outside and open up the huge garage door to the little reading nook. 

All told, the rental is 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. As I mentioned, 2 of the bedrooms are upstairs and share a bathroom.  There’s not a lot of wasted space, so do make sure you actually like the people you travel with.  All 3 of the beds are full sized, so if you’ll have a sleeping companion (or in my case, 2) be prepared to get close. That’s right, 2 of my children chose to sleep with me…in a full bed.

The Box Hop can be rented through the airbnb listing and more information can be found TheBoxHop.  Maybe consider booking for the summertime, there are two (2!!) outdoor living areas, and lots of great hiking spots within just a few miles.