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Columbus Has Been Named One Of The Best Cities In The U.S. For Vampires

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

When it comes to quirky studies, this one truly takes the cake. You won’t believe your eyes (or fangs) when you hear that Columbus and other cities in the Buckeye State have been dubbed some of the best places for vampires in the United States.

The folks over at Lawn Love, a lawn care and maintenance service, recently conducted a study that sheds new light on where vampires might want to call home. They took a bite out of data like hours of darkness, cloudy days, and the number of blood banks per capita, and the results show that Ohio is lowkey a vampire paradise.

The study found that Columbus offers plenty of dark, cloudy days and an ample supply of, well, liquid refreshments for our nocturnal friends.

The city ranked #3, just after New York and Chicago.

But Columbus isn’t alone in its vampire-friendly status. Other Ohio cities like Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Dayton also made the list. It seems Ohio has more to offer the undead than just cornfields and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

So, why Ohio? The state’s diverse climate, with its fair share of gloomy days, provides an ideal atmosphere for those who shun the sun. With overcast skies and frequent rainfall, Ohio makes it easy for vampires to maintain their pale complexions and avoid that pesky sunburn or crowd-stopping sparkling, depending on which kind of vampires you’re a fan of.

Additionally, Ohio’s abundance of blood banks ensures vampires won’t have to go too far to quench their thirst. It’s a win-win situation for the undead and, well, the still living.

Now, while we’re having a good laugh over this curious study, it’s essential to remember that it’s all in good fun. Vampires may be creatures of the night, but they remain firmly in the realm of fiction. So, don’t expect to bump into Edward Cullen or Dracula on your next trip to Columbus.

If you’re wondering why anyone would conduct this study at all, it’s all for a good cause.

Currently, there’s a nationwide blood shortage, so the study is part of an effort to encourage blood donations.

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Although it’s fun to joke about vampires, it’s essential to remember the importance of blood donation. There are many different illnesses that require blood products as part of the patient’s treatment. For example, individuals with sickle cell disease may depend on frequent blood transfusions, sometimes needing as many as 100 units of blood per patient each year.

Patients undergoing cancer treatments often require blood or platelet transfusions during their treatments. In fact, nearly half of all platelet donations go to patients undergoing cancer treatments – a disease all too familiar to millions of Americans and their families.

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