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This Bob Ross Painting Class At 400 W. Rich Will Have You Making The Happiest Little Trees

Listen up my happy little tree lovers!

If you’ve been craving the opportunity to channel your inner Bob Ross, now is your chance. 400 W Rich is hosting monthly painting sessions where you can show off your skills.

The iconic Bob Ross rose to fame with his PBS painting show, The Joy of Painting, which ran from 1983-1994. He was often compared to Fred Rogers for his calm and comforting demeanor, making everyone feel like they had what it took to become a star painter like himself.

He learned how to paint while he was in the air force and that’s something we should all be grateful for because he’s one of those people whose positivity and willingness to try new things lives on in us all.

Also, I don’t mean to drop this sort of bomb on you, but it’s only fair to tell you that his hair was, in fact, permed.

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The monthly classes at 400 W Rich will be led by Kathleen Sheppard who is a certified Bob Ross instructor. Yeah, she’s official. By purchasing a ticket, you’ll get some one-on-one help from Kathleen and learn how to paint a variety of sceneries, from stunning mountains to tranquil oceans, and of course, plenty of trees.

All of the materials you’ll need to paint are included in your ticket and you’ll be able to take your masterpiece home after the four-hour class concludes.

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These classes are small and they’re insanely popular. You can snag your tickets for the next show right here. If you’d like to learn more about Kathleen, you can visit her website here.

The Bob Ross workshops are held monthly. You can see which paintings will be the star of the session by clicking here.

Featured image via Happy Little Bob Ross Painters with Kathleen Facebook.