Where To Find The Best Soft Serve Ice Cream In Columbus

When it comes to frozen treats, not all sweets are the same. Sometimes you’re craving decadent, ritzy ice cream, while other times a frozen yogurt may be more your speed. But the nostalgic king of them all is soft serve ice cream.

Soft serve ice cream isn’t all that different from hard ice cream, it’s just served a little earlier on in the process. Instead of being additionally frozen, it comes right out of the machine and into your cone, waiting to make your day better and put a smile on your face.

Growing up in Columbus, there were a variety of places to grab a cone of soft serve. Yes, obviously, sometimes it was Dairy Queen. But other times, it was Dairy Corner on Parsons Ave. or the iconic Hilltop Dairy Twist.

If you’ve been craving some simple, affordable soft serve ice cream, my friends you have come to the right place. Today we’re talking about where you can find the best soft serve in the city.

Double Happy
This charming little spot on Brown Road sells all kinds of frozen goodies, including coffee-based shakes. But we didn’t come for the rest of the goodies, we came for soft serve. On the menu, you’ll find vanilla, chocolate, or the iconic twist cone. You can (and totally should) add sprinkles.
Location: 1280 Brown Rd, Columbus, OH 43223

Cream & Sugar
Where to begin with the deliciousness that is Cream & Sugar. This adorable scoop shop is serving up premium soft serve. While you can always get chocolate, vanilla, and a twist cone, there’s one other mainstay on the menu that you absolutely have to try. The Dole pineapple soft serve is unfairly delectable and it’s guaranteed to make any hot summer day more enjoyable. Getting that Dole pineapple twisted with another soft serve? Pure. Heaven.

Location: 2185 Sullivant Ave, Columbus, OH 43223

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Hilltop Dairy Twist
Sure, you could go to Hilltop Dairy Twist and just get a plain old one-flavor cone. But it would be a bad choice. You’ve got to lean into the twist here because trust me, it’s what you came for. Hilltop Dairy Twist is cash only, so don’t forget to hit the ATM before you head out.

Location: 2860 Sullivant Ave, Columbus, OH 43204

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Little Ladies Soft Serve
This is not the ice cream truck of your youth. At Little Ladies Soft Serve, you start your cone off with your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or a twist of both. If you’re feeling fancy, you can add sprinkles or choose the sundae option that offers a variety of sweet toppings for your ice cream.
Location: Various locations. Click here to see where the truck is headed.

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Mona’s Eats n Treats
While technically Mona’s Eats N Treats is located in Grove City, not Columbus, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity put this place on the list. This little shop has been serving the community for 70 years and they know exactly what they’re doing. The soft serve at Mona’s comes in the standard flavors and you can add sprinkles, crunchies, or get your cone dipped in chocolate.
Location: 4362 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123

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