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The Best Restaurants In Clintonville

Clintonville is one of my favorite places to answer the question, “what do you want to eat?”

There are so many truly fantastic places to grab a meal in Clintonville that it feels like the kind of place where you can just walk in anywhere and find the best meal of your life.

From subs and sandwiches to flavorful chef-driven menus, the restaurants around this neighborhood just hit differently.

Next time you find yourself locked in the age-old debate of “what’s for dinner?” pull this list up and let Clintonville surprise you. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Gallo’s On High

Gallo’s On High offers craft cocktails and an incredible menu full of food made from scratch. There’s a variety of pizza, pasta, entrees, and sandwiches on the menu, and they’ve even got some yummy kids’ meal options.
Address: 4215 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214
Website: Gallo’s On High
Must try item: Give the Cioppino a try. It’s a traditional San Franciso seafood stew that comes with perfectly toasted focaccia bread.

Pat & Gracie’s

Pat and Gracie’s is named for two of the most interesting characters in Columbus history. A lifelong gambler and a former brothel Madam, the iconic duo lived at Graceland when it was a farm estate. The menu at Pat and Gracie’s is elevated tavern food, with burgers, sandwiches, and big bowl salads all up for grabs.
Address: 138 Graceland Blvd.
Website: Pat & Gracie’s
Must try item: The Chimmi Burger. It’s two smashed-cooked patties topped with Monterey Jack cheese, avocado, caramelized onions and house made chimichurri sauce on a butter-toasted bun.

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Tee Jaye’s Kitchen & Spirits

Photo by Chelsea Wiley

This recently reimagined Tee Jaye’s is modern, bright, and most importantly, serves up all of your favorite dishes. The biggest change to this Tee Jaye’s from the old Clintonville Tee Jaye’s isn’t just the modern exterior. It’s the beer, wine, and cocktail menu!
Website: Tee Jaye’s Kitchen & Spirits
Must try item: The chicken biscuit is one of the best breakfast sandwiches this city has to offer.

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Lavash Cafe

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With daily specials and a Mediterranean menu that will knock your socks off, a visit to Lavash Cafe is always a good idea. They have some great vegetarian options and if you are visiting with the family, there are some delicious combo and platter options.
Address: 2985 N High St #1103, Columbus, OH 43202
Website: Lavash Cafe
Must try item: Falafel. It’s perfectly fried and the flavors are out of this world.


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How does fresh, homemade Vietnamese street food sound? Pretty great, right? 6-1-Pho is more than just a clever play on words. It’s a delightful little spot where you can get pho, rice bowls, bahn-mi subs, and more.
Address: 4386 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214
Website: 6-1-Pho
Must try item: Keep it simple, get the pho soup bowl. I’m a fan of the chicken, but there are no “wrong” options.

Smith’s Deli

Family-owned and operated since 1960, Smith’s Deli is a bit of a Clintonville institution. They’ve got everything from pizza & pasta to bagels & subs. It is the perfect place to stop in for a quick bite or to grab food to go for the whole family.
Address: 3737 N High St
Must try item: They have some amazing croissant sandwiches at Smith’s. I like the club but you can build your own if you’d like.

Gatto’s Pizza

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For decades, Gatto’s Pizza has been serving up the best pizza in Clintonville. They opened way back in 1952 and they’ve used that time to perfect their pies. If for some reason you aren’t in the mood for pizza, don’t fret. They’ve also got wings, salads, and subs made with bread from Auddino’s on the men.
Address: 3420 Indianola Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43214
Website: Gatto’s Pizza
Must try item: Keep it simple and get a pizza. But don’t forget to add some garlic bread with cheese to your order.

Olive and Lime Cafe

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With a blend of modern and traditional Lebanese-Mediterranean cuisine dishes like shawarma, kafta, mekanek, and baba-ghannouj, Olive & Lime is full of flavor. The menu is made from scratch with dishes inspired by the chef’s childhood and Lebanese upbringing.
Address: 4519 North High St, Columbus, Ohio 43214
Website: Olive and Lime Cafe
Must try item: You can’t really go wrong with choosing anything you fancy on the menu, but no matter what, treat yourself to a Turkish coffee while you’re there.

The Crest

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As a neighborhood spot with a focus on a chef-driven menu, The Crest is one of the best places to get a taste of local produce. The menu is described as modern Appalachian fare, featuring some unique dishes you won’t find anywhere else in the city.
Address: 2875 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43202
Website: The Crest
Must try item: There are some really amazing starters and entrees on the menu, so pick your fav and then follow it up with a slice of Buttermilk Pie.