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The Best Buffets In (And Around) Columbus

Columbus is a city that understands the insatiable craving for variety, offering a smorgasbord of buffets that cater to every possible taste and appetite.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of spicy Indian cuisine, have a penchant for Brazilian BBQ, or find joy in the simplicity of endless pizza slices, Columbus has got you covered. So loosen that belt, bring your biggest appetite, and let’s dive into the best buffets this city has to offer. Trust me, you won’t leave hungry.

Aab India

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Aab India has garnered a dedicated fan base throughout the city and honestly, they deserve it for the epic lunch buffet they offer every single day. Sometimes, the only way to cure your intense craving for tikka masala is to literally fill an entire tray and go to town.
Where: 1470 Grandview Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43212
Website: Aab India

Cumin and Curry Indian Kitchen

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Named after a fragrant spice common in Indian cuisine and arguably the most famous Indian dish, Cumin and Curry offers a variety of well-seasoned regional dishes. Stuff your face with, not some, but all of the tandoori chicken. Go on. You deserve it.
Where:  4155 Morse Crossing, Columbus, OH 43219
Website: Cumin and Curry Indian Kitchen

Texas De Brazil

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I can’t explain to you how amazing Brazilian-style buffets truly are. Each seat at the table receives a card. As long as that card is flipped green, servers will bombard you with skewers of roasted meats and barbecues. The kitchen staff will continue to assault your table until you relent and flip your card over to red. This buffet is only for the carnivorous and the brave.
Where: 4040 Easton Station e, Columbus, OH 43219
Website: Texas De Brazil

Massey’s Pizza

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Some would argue that Massey’s has some of the best Columbus-style pizza in the city (that’s thin crust, edge-to-edge toppings, and square-cut kiddos, keep up). And while they no doubt have some pretty awesome pies, they for sure have one of the best lunch buffets in town. Sometimes there’s nothing better than downing a physically alarming amount of pizza, guzzling a half gallon of Pepsi Cola and trying to make it home before your blood sugar drops and you pass out on the side of the road. Hey, we all have our own ideas of a good time.
Where: Thirteen different locations, click here to find the closest.
Website: Massey’s Pizza

York Steak House

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This one might be considered a stretch, but the salad station at York Steak House is a hill I’m willing to die on. York Steak House is the epitome of a timewarp restaurant. There were 200 restaurants at the peak of York’s popularity, but now the only one is on W. Broad Street. Head over, load up at the salad station, and enjoy the spoils.
Where: 4220 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43228
Website: York Steak House

El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

el rodeo buffet
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El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant is a family owned business that serves a delicious lunch buffet every day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s a fantastic deal with plenty of options that will leave you stuffed.
Where: 2808 Stelzer Rd, Columbus, OH 43219
Website: El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

Der Dutchman

der dutchman buffet
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Located just a short drive from Columbus in Plain City, Der Dutchman serves up a buffet that’s worth the trip. This beloved restaurant offers a taste of Amish-style cooking with a variety of hearty dishes, including fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and freshly baked pies. The welcoming atmosphere and home-cooked flavors make it a favorite for both locals and visitors alike.
Where: 445 S Jefferson Ave, Plain City, OH 43064
Website: Der Dutchman