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The 6 Dopest Spots For Soul Food In Columbus

Because soul food isn’t just a cuisine, it’s a nutritional requirement.

When was the last time you had a hot, home cooked meal? For some, that’s an everyday thing, but for more people than you think, it’s a rarity. Some of us have to accept a supper of ready-make pizzas and microwavable chicken tenders every night. It’s really not that bad of a life once you get used to it (*sobs uncontrollably*).

But man cannot live off of easy-meals alone. Sometimes you crave something with nutritional value and a little bit of love sprinkled in. That’s when you either beg a friend or neighbor that knows how to cook to make you a meal (I’ve only done it like once) or you track down the nearest soul food joint and you have them whip you up some of the good stuff. So the next time you feel like you might just die if you have one more packet of Ramen, check out this list of the six soul food restaurants in the city and eat your little heart out.

Fish & Chicken Inn

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We’re starting this list off right with one of the best fried chicken places in Columbus. With sides that are beyond legit and a whole mess of wing and fish options, if this soul food joint doesn’t get you to licking your fingers afterward then give it up, you’ll never know joy.
Where: 1828 E Hudson St, Columbus, OH 43211

Raphael’s Soul Food Cafe


If you want piping hot soul food made with traditional southern and African recipes, then Raphael’s is a must try. They’re also one of the only places where you can pick up chitterlings (pronounced chitlin’s you newb) and hog maw. You know, in case you really miss pig intestines or pig stomach (I kinda do, no lie).
Where: 1780 Brice Rd. Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

New Harvest Cafe

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New Harvest isn’t just a restaurant, it also serves as a meeting and community gathering place for the Linden area. In addition to a kitchen, it also has an art gallery, performance stage, and printing shop— making it a hub of art and culture.
Where: 1675 Arlington Ave, Columbus, OH 43211

Way Down Yonder

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Located right in Olde Towne East, this soul food creole restaurant has to die for red beans and rice, crawfish etouffee, and cornbread among many things. With a nice friendly service and authentic Louisiana hospitality, you’re sure to feel so at home you might just try and take a nap there after your meal.
Where: 1117 Oak St, Columbus, OH 43205

H. Johnson’s Restaurant and Dairy

H. Johnson’s has been around practically since Moses parted the Red Sea. I remember passing this place from when I was a kid, with their milkshakes and awesome retro arcade cabinets. This spot flies under the radar but it has some of the best barbecue in town. But don’t take my word for it, take this weird but kinda awesome old video’s word instead.
Where: 1119 Lockbourne Rd, Columbus, OH 43206

La Glory’s Cafe


La Glory’s aims to fill customer’s bellies with loving nostalgia in every bite and they hit the mark spot on. You can tell that everything is made using authentic family recipes and fresh ingredients. La Glory’s claims “you can feel the love cooking” just by walking into the joint. One thing’s for sure, anyone who leaves this place doesn’t walk out hungry.
Where: 3350 Allegheny Ave, Columbus, OH 43209