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6 Hallmark-Inspired Holiday Dates Around Columbus

When it comes to corny holiday vibes, no one has cornered the market quite like Hallmark.

While other genres of movies and television are consistently criticized for a lack of ingenuity, cheesy holiday movies have only gotten more popular. While the movies may be full of walking, talking, breathing stereotypes and plots that can be predicted by the title alone, that predictability is exactly what draws in viewers stressed out by the holiday season.

Yes, they are cheesy. Yes, they follow a very basic formula. But guess what? Sometimes that’s all we’re looking for. So if you’re looking to inject a little bit of that fairytale romance into your date nights this holiday season, we’ve got some suggestions that will leave you feeling like royalty.

Have a Holiday Bake-Off

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

You’ll want to start this date night by heading to your favorite local grocery store. Don’t forget to look cute just in case you run into your awful ex while you’re there. Once you’ve grabbed the goods, which should definitely include extra flour for throwing romantically, it’s time to head home to your amazing apartment/cottage/house that you shouldn’t be able to afford on your salary and get baking.

Cozy up in an Igloo for a romantic dinner under the clouds… I mean stars.

Photo by Steve Brady, courtesy of Easton.

Igloo dining became super popular in the early days of the pandemic when we were all yearning to be dining outside of our homes but not quite inside a restaurant. But this plastic paradise seems like it might be here for the long haul and, let’s be honest, it’s very Hallmarky. From the romantically decorated interiors, complete with warm blankets and twinkling lights, it’s the perfect place for a cold-weather date. You can pair this with basically any other activity on this list for a super-sized cheesy date night.

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Go ice skating

Photo by weston m on Unsplash

According to Hallmark Christmas movies, ice skating is one of the most romantic dates around. Don’t worry if you aren’t coordinated and you’re worried about falling down because it will totally make for a super romantic moment when your partner helps you up, pulls you in for a kiss, then takes you by the hand for a spin on the ice. Never mind the fact that you might have to go home and ice your ankle! In all seriousness, ice skating is a lot of fun and there are plenty of great places where you can take a spin. Just be careful!

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Take a stroll through the twinkling holiday lights

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There are two very rom-com options for walking around to look at the holiday lights. First up, you can head to some of the more urban light displays like the Columbus Commons or the Scioto Mile for those glamorous city vibes. If you’re looking for more of a lumberjack vibe, you can head out to the Metro Parks where you’ll find some of the city’s best parks decorated for the holidays. If you pick this option and you don’t end up in at least one romantic snowball fight, you’re doing this all wrong.

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Volunteer together at a local charity

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Hallmark movies are all about feel-good moments and there’s nothing that will make you feel better than helping out your fellow humans. There are some really fantastic charities in Columbus that could all use a helping hand this time of year, so pick whichever one speaks to you the most, grab your boo, and go do something good.

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Head out of town for a romantic weekend getaway

Nothing says romance like getting cozy in front of a fireplace in a peaceful little cabin. Hocking Hills is the obvious choice here, but there are so many incredible weekend destinations, if a cabin in the woods isn’t the vibe you’re going for.

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