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Feel The Holiday Nostalgia In This Early 90s Video Of Christmas Time At City Center Mall

If you’re over a certain age and you grew up in Columbus, there’s a decent chance that you have some memories of City Center Mall.

My memories of Christmas time at the mall are particularly vivid. I can remember, in clear detail, how the central part of the mall was decorated with twinkling lights. How the performers would sing holiday tunes while I sat on the green-carpeted amphitheater steps. I remember riding up and down the glass elevators, waving to my aunt below.

There was something really magical about City Center around the holidays. If you don’t remember, or you never got a chance to visit the mall, don’t be too upset. Luckily, someone had the foresight to wander around the place with a video camera way back in 1992.

From the clothes to the sounds, everything about this video is so nostalgic. There’s something to be missed about heading down to the mall to check off your holiday shopping list. About getting lost in the crowd. About having a place to meet up with your friends for winter break shenanigans. You get the picture.

Still, it’s nice to have video evidence of this piece of bygone Columbus at the peak of popularity. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to rewatch this video and do a little people-watching. You never know, maybe someone you know will pop up in this footage!