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Zoombezi Bay Has Transformed Into ZOMBIEzi Bay

Things will be getting a little spooky at Zoombezi Bay this year.

Zoombezi Bay has transformed into ZOMBIEzi Bay, where chills and thrills await around every corner.

The zombified park will be open from 6 p.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursdays and Sundays throughout October. Tickets aren’t included in regular zoo admission and you can see pricing right here.

While visiting this zombified version of Zoombezi Bay, guests should expect to be scared not only inside the haunted houses, but also while roaming the park pathways. There will be strobe lights, loud sounds and music, and fog, so guests who are sensitive to those things should be aware.

So what will the attractions look like at ZOMBIEzi Bay? There are haunts, scare zones, rides, and more.


Welcome to the Catacombs! Visit the realm of the undead and the corpse-laden corridors of those who came before you. The spirits have awakened, and they are hungry. Will you be their next meal? Or, will they summon you to join them in their eternal party?

Eternal Darkness
Are you afraid of the dark? You will be after an encounter with the Eternal Darkness—if you make it out alive, that is. The netherworld has come to life in this near pitch-black experience. Can you find your way out before it is too late?

Pleasant Screams
Enter the mysterious research facility known as Pleasant Dreams Laboratory, a world-famous sleep study facility…or is it? For years, locals have whispered that something else occurs at this foreboding site. Genetic testing? Mind manipulation? Take a tour of the Laboratory and come face-to-face with your worst nightmares.

Sinister Sideshow
Step right up and enter the Sinister Sideshow! Don your 3D glasses and check out the sideshow. It is fun for all ages, and they are looking for new victims! Evil clowns and blood-curdling acts all under the Big Top…what could go wrong?


Did you know that when plants die, they don’t really die? In Photosynthesis, Mother Nature is hungry and out for revenge. Will you escape or be the next meal? They didn’t teach us this in science class.

Dead River
Zombies have descended upon the town of Dead River, Ohio, leaving destruction in their wake. Can you survive the undead, or will you become a permanent resident of this town?

Life as we know it has ended and zombies now rule the world. Can you escape the horde, or will you become one of the undead?


ZOMBIEzi Bay is crawling with new flavors this fall! Featuring more than 60 craft beers, ciders, and hard seltzers from 25 different breweries, as well as 20 delicious food items to try, the Brews and Bites Craft Beer & Food Festival has something for everyone. Discover new favorites as you sample your way through the menu and save with a six-item tasting card, available for just $27 plus tax. Themed food and beverage highlights include: Darkness Nachos, Violet Margarita, Pretzel Breadsticks With Fat Tire Craft Beer Cheese Dip, Buffalo Chicken Tater Tots, Injectable Donut Holes, and more.


ZOMBIEzi Bay will have a feature that no other haunted event in Central Ohio has: amusement rides! Normally a part of the Adventure Cove region at the Columbus Zoo, six pulse-pounding amusement rides will be included with ZOMBIEzi Bay admission, such as the classic wooden roller coaster, Sea Dragon.

For more info, you can visit the Zoombezi Bay website right here.