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Get Ready For A Completely Unique Yoga Experience In This Ohio Nature Dome

There is a Yoga Dome that lets you practice hot yoga fully immersed in the woods

Nestled on a tranquil hilltop by Sugar Loaf Mountain in Chillicothe, Ohio, the Geode Nature Dome offers a serene escape, perfectly blending the ancient practice of yoga with the untouched beauty of the woods.

This unique dome, envisioned by Marci Hedderson-Carroll of Geode Yoga and Fitness, stands as a testament to the harmonious balance between nature and wellness, inviting individuals to immerse themselves fully in the calming presence of the great outdoors, regardless of the season.

The inspiration behind the Yoga Dome stems from Hedderson-Carroll’s extensive career in teaching yoga across various studios and her profound desire to reconnect the practice with its natural roots.

yoga in the geode nature dome
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geode nature dome exterior

yoga in the geode nature dome
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Constructed based on the principles of Sacred Geometry, the dome serves not only as a space for physical exercise but as a sanctuary for spiritual growth and connection. This architectural choice is believed to enhance the health and energetic balance of those who enter, by aligning their cells with the natural order of the universe.

Set against the backdrop of the Appalachians, the Geode Nature Dome distinguishes itself not only through its purpose but also through its design. Unlike temporary structures used in pop-up yoga events along the coasts, this dome stands as a permanent invitation to explore and connect with nature.

Heated by a wood fire oven and capable of reaching temperatures between 80-95 degrees Fahrenheit, it offers a cozy retreat for hot yoga enthusiasts even in the heart of winter.

Geode Yoga and Fitness, along with various instructors, host classes within this captivating space, welcoming all who seek to deepen their practice or simply find a moment of peace.

Additionally, the dome is available for private rentals, providing an unparalleled setting for events ranging from team-building workshops and educational retreats to glamping and birthday celebrations.

yoga in the geode nature dome
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The dome’s amenities include parking for up to 25 cars, a capacity of 75 standing guests or 40 on yoga mats, and a private half-mile hiking trail that invites further exploration of the surrounding wilderness.

With catering options to suit every taste, table and chair rentals, a picnic area with a fire pit, and both wood burner and infrared lamps for heating, every detail has been thoughtfully considered to enhance your experience. During summer, the dome is sunlit and ventilated, offering majestic views in a peaceful, private setting.

Escape to the Geode Nature Dome for an adventure that transcends the ordinary. Here, amidst the fresh air, towering trees, and majestic mountains, awaits an opportunity to reconnect with the earth and awaken your adventurous spirit.

You can find more information about rentals and classes on their website