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Get Ready For A Completely Unique Experience In This Ohio Yoga Dome

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There is a Yoga Dome that lets you practice hot yoga fully immersed in the woods

It’s located by Sugar Loaf Moutain in Chillicothe, OH and sits just off a quiet side road on top of a massive tree-covered hill. We visited in the winter when all the trees were bare, so you could see the dome clearly from down below. I can imagine how glorious it is in the summer with all the trees full of green leaves!

The Yoga Dome was the idea of Marci Hedderson-Carroll, owner of Geode Yoga and Fitness. Marci was motivated to have the dome built, after a career teaching yoga in tons of different studios and desiring to bring it back to nature. She told us, “I love to practice outside in the heat, and I thought, why not bring the studio to nature in a way that it doesn’t feel like we are enclosed in a building”

The structure is based on Sacred Geometry, which amplifies the spiritual connection to nature and yoga practice. It is another way the dome differs from a traditional studio experience. Ancient healers believe sacred geometry helps reorganize the cells in the body helping to improve healthy energetic balance. The site the dome sits on is also about to become a World Heritage Site based on the Native history and the Hopewell culture that is recognized in the area.

As far as Marci knows, the dome is unique to Ohio and most of the midwest. There are similar domes build around the coasts for other purposes and yoga events have been using them for years for pop-up experiences, but this standalone longterm structure is truly unique! It’s heated with a wood fire oven so it can be used year-round no matter the season. Like traditional hot yoga classes, the heat can get between 80-95 degrees F.

Since building the dome, there has been an amazing response from visitors. “All the feedback I’ve been getting is about how magical it is. How wondrous, beautiful and what a fantastic concept. How people love to be here and how good it feels just to be in the space… how they feel they can balance better in this space …” Because the initial response has been so incredible, Marci is working on growing the uses of the space and area that surrounds the dome, but slowly over time.

For now, you can attend classes hosted by Geode Yoga and Fitness as well as other instructors who use the space for workshops and retreats. The dome is also available for private rental by anyone who wants to hold an event there. You can find more information about rentals and classes on their website

You can also check out their Instagram for updates and more