The Castle Is The Fanciest White Castle You’ll Ever Dine In

The fanciest White Castle I’ve ever seen is open the Short North.

The site used to be home to a traditional, fortress-style restaurant, but a mixed-use development has moved onto the lot and transformed the fast food icon.

It’s light, bright, and airy on the inside, offering a modern take on the smash burger classic.

There’s also some modern technology involved. You can order from a kiosk at the restaurant.

Or pre-order your food and pick it up from the mobile station near the checkout.

This new version of White Castle is a test-run of sorts for the nearly 100-year-old company. This location is known as The Castle and offers way more variety in dining options than traditional White Castle Restaurants.

It’s true: You can officially get a salad from White Castle. It even comes with toasted slider buns.

But the most unique thing about this White Castle is that it still has a drive-thru. It’s just located inside the attached parking garage.

The new digs are located at 965 N High Street and of course, it’s open 24/7.

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