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A Build-Your-Own Ice Cream Sandwich Shop Is Coming To Italian Village This Fall

When it comes to unique treats here in Columbus, there’s a new contender for your favorite.

S’wich Social is all set to serve up creative ice cream sandwiches in their new, fast-casual shop in Italian Village. From creamy ice cream to fresh cookies, you can build whatever sort of ice cream sandwich your heart desires.

“We bake all of our cookies ourselves,” explained S’wich co-owner Sean Whited. “So all in house, and once our store opens they’ll be made fresh daily.”

Due to delays in construction during the pandemic, S’wich hasn’t been able to open their brick and mortar location. But that hasn’t stopped them from building hype in the community. Through pop-up events, Columbus has already gotten its first taste of S’wich, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The response has been amazing, said Sean. “Most nights we’ll typically sell out of what we bring and the community has been amazing. Everyone’s been very open in terms of hosting us and the customers have been great.”

When visiting the shop, you’ll be able to pick any combination of two cookies, your flavor of ice cream for the filling, and you’ll have a choice of fun and delicious toppings.

S’wich’s permanent location will be at 869 N. Fourth Street in a new mixed-use building across from another Navigator favorite, Woodhouse Vegan. And if you’re frequenting the area specifically for vegan goods, you’ll be happy to know that S’wich will be offering a non-dairy option.

For all of the dairy lovers out there, you can expect an old-fashioned, creamy style of ice cream in the center of your ice cream sandwiches. If you don’t know exactly which combination to order, don’t worry. The shop will have a combination of top sellers available for grab-and-go.

S’wich Social is expected to open by early November and you can bet that we’ll be coming back to you with a sneak peek of the shop’s interior and a review of the sandwiches themselves. If you’d like to get a taste beforehand, you can follow S’wich on Instagram to see where they’ll be popping up ahead of the big opening.