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Here’s How To Have The Perfect Spiritual Self-Care Day in Columbus

Hey there friends. Who’s ready to go on a spiritual wellness journey?

Are you looking to shake off some stress? In desperate need of an energy boost? Seeking guidance from above? Or maybe just eager to try something new? If you answered yes to any of these questions, listen up! I’ve got the perfect solution you: a spiritual self-care day.

Columbus is home to tons of businesses that take a more mystical approach to tackling life’s problems. And lucky for you, I’ve already organized a day full of holistic wellness activities. So skip the stress of planning and dive right in!

Alchemy Kitchen

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Start off your day with breakfast from Alchemy Kitchen in Grandview. Keep it simple and grab a smoothie and avocado toast, or take a chance and try one of their more creative offerings. After all, the key to a balanced mind, body, and soul is a balanced breakfast!

Location: 1439 Grandview Ave., Columbus, OH 43212

The Reiki Center

After breakfast, head over to Columbus’ ultimate relaxation destination: the Reiki Center. Unwind in a private studio to the sound of soft music while your practitioner works their magic. The Reiki technique uses light touch applied to the body’s chakras to restore a client’s natural flow of energy. You’ll leave your session feeling re-balanced and ready to take on the rest of your spiritual self-care day.

Location: 1540 W. Fifth Ave., Columbus, OH 43212

Mystic Sisters

via Mystic Sisters

Got burning questions about your past, present, or future? Book an appointment with a tarot card reader! The readers at Mystic Sister can help you discover deep personal truths and guide you on your journey forward. Go into your session with an open mind and find out what’s written in the stars–or in this case the cards–for you!

Location: 1516 W 1st Ave., Grandview Heights, Ohio 43212

Accent on Nature

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Next up, take a look through Accent on Nature’s wide selection of healing crystals. No matter what ails you, this local rock shop is sure to have the perfect crystal for you. I recently stopped in and purchased Clear Quartz crystal, which metaphysics swear is the remedy for a cluttered mind. If you aren’t sold yet, check out these pics of their two resident cats, Roxy and William, who love to meet new customers!

Location: 1435 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212

Earth Elements

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If you’re like me and are trying to break into the world of essential oils but have no idea where to begin, Earth Elements is the place for you! Let the staff at Earth Elements know your therapeutic needs and they’ll help you customize the perfect blend.

Location: 1407 Grandview Ave., Columbus, OH 43212

Susan Rawlings – Professional Psychic Medium

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What spiritual self-care day would be complete without a visit to a psychic? Susan’s services come highly recommended to me by friends who swear by her advice. Using her ability to receive psychic visions, Susan will answer any question you have about what the future holds. She’s also your go-to gal if you’re in need of a connection to the Other Side. Regardless of what type of guidance you’re after, fans say a session with Susan will leave you feeling enlightened.

Location: 5115 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, OH 43235