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The Old Santa Maria Is Sitting In Pieces In A Field Off Of US-23

As you get older, there are defining moments in your life. Moments when you realize that your childhood is truly gone. Currently, that moment is sitting in a field off of US 23.

The Santa Maria was a Columbus icon throughout my childhood. It sat, docked on the Scioto River, serving as everyone’s favorite field trip destination for years.

Sadly, the ship was closed to the public in 2013 and removed from the Scioto River in 2014. Right now, The Santa Maria is sitting on city property, in several pieces, and in disrepair.

Photo via Reddit user BreakingNews99

Although many Columbusites expressed interest in the Santa Maria returning to Columbus’ waterways, funding is still lacking.

In February, Better Call Jackson of NBC4 went in search of answers about the Santa Maria. NBC reported that the estimated cost of rebuilding the Santa Maria is between five and six million dollars.

It seems that until funding comes through, the Santa Maria will be stuck in pieces, on dry land, in the middle of nowhere.