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The Quirkiest Museum In Ohio Is Finally Back

After a two-year hiatus, the much-anticipated Grand Reopening of the Rev. Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum is set to take place on Saturday, January 20, at noon.

The newly revamped museum, located at the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center in Logan, promises a delightful experience for visitors of all ages.

Originally housed in a modest garden shed at the home of Rev. Paul Johnson and his wife, the Pencil Sharpener Museum has undergone a remarkable transformation. The new facility, built by the tourism association, boasts over 5,000 sharpeners adorning its walls.

Unlike the previous structure, this handicapped-accessible space features museum-quality cases that showcase the mind-boggling variety of pencil sharpeners.

pencil sharpener museum

Audrey Martin, Deputy Director of the Hocking Hills Tourism Association and the driving force behind the museum’s reconstruction, shared, “Visitors are always wowed by the breadth of the collection, which never fails to transport them back to their childhood – regardless of their age. We’ve had families drive from as far away as Texas specifically to see the museum. And people from around the globe have stopped in as part of their visit to the Hocking Hills.”

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The museum, originally the world’s only Pencil Sharpener Museum, has become a must-see attraction since its relocation to the Hocking Hills Welcome Center in 2011. Established in memory of Rev. Johnson, whose family still owns the collection, the museum’s legacy continues to grow.

pencil sharpener museum

Frank Parades, a Tampa, FL native and dedicated antiques enthusiast, contributed significantly to the museum’s expansion. His wife, Stephanie, discovered the museum in 2022 and knew it was the perfect home for her late husband’s extensive pencil sharpener collection.

This addition introduced more than 1,000 new pieces, including some of the earliest models from the early 1800s produced in Spain, complete with intricate moving parts.

pencil sharpener museum
The collection of Frank Parades.

Visitors are not only invited to admire the extensive collection but also encouraged to discern the subtle differences in seemingly identical sharpeners. The museum offers a unique and interactive experience, allowing guests to explore the fascinating world of pencil sharpeners.

Beyond the museum’s walls, the Hocking Hills region offers an array of quirky experiences. The Columbus Washboard Co., the last remaining washboard factory in America, welcomes travelers for tours, while Hocking Hills Orchard boasts the largest collection of apple tree varieties, inviting visitors to pick their own apples and learn about apple history from orchard owner Derek Mills.

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Located just 40 miles southeast of Columbus, Hocking Hills provides a diverse range of lodging options and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. From cabins and cottages to yurts, treehouses, and even a cabin built into a cave, the region captivates visitors with its extraordinary natural beauty and warm, friendly atmosphere.

For those seeking a unique escape, Hocking Hills delivers with thousands of acres of hiking trails, parks, forests, and a variety of outdoor activities. The Grand Reopening of the Rev. Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum adds another layer to the region’s allure, making it the perfect destination to unplug and create lasting memories.