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Here’s What The Old Farmer’s Almanac Says About Winter In Ohio This Year

If you were hoping for a snowy winter, listen up.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, Columbus will be having a cold and snowy winter.

For the last 230 years, the Almanac has been helping people prepare for winter weather with its 80 percent–accurate weather forecasts.

The Farmers’ Almanac’s winter forecast is a source of excitement for those who relish the beauty of snow-covered landscapes and the activities it brings. While some regions of the United States, like the Pacific Northwest, may not see as much snow, Ohio and its snow-prone areas are expected to receive an abundance of the fluffy white stuff. So, if you’re a fan of winter wonderlands, it’s time to get prepared.

This winter, it’s advisable to keep a shovel at the ready, especially here in Ohio. According to the Almanac, snowfall will begin as early as November, and it will persist through the start of spring.

Be ready for a season filled with snowstorms, showers, and flurries that will paint the Ohio landscape in a pristine white blanket. Winter enthusiasts can look forward to building snowmen and enjoying snowball fights with this above-normal snowfall.

winter weather almanac map

Moreover, accompanying the above-normal snowfall, the Almanac predicts that many parts of Ohio will experience normal to colder-than-normal temperatures. This means that Ohioans can expect just the right amount of chill in the air to engage in classic winter activities.

Whether you’re into adventurous snow sports like skiing and snowboarding or prefer a cozy evening sipping hot cocoa by a crackling fire, Ohio’s winter temperatures are expected to provide the ideal backdrop for these seasonal activities.

However, it’s not all uniform across the country. The predictions indicate that only snowy New England and the Atlantic Corridor will experience winter temperatures milder than typical for their regions. In contrast, Ohio and its neighboring regions are more likely to see temperatures consistent with what they typically experience during the winter months.

In conclusion, according to the Farmers’ Almanac, Ohio can look forward to an above-normal snowfall this winter, creating a beautiful and snowy landscape for residents to enjoy.

So, get your winter gear ready, embrace the snowy season, and make the most of the chilly weather by participating in a wide range of winter activities. Ohio’s winter promises to be an unforgettable one.

Featured image by Chris Chow on Unsplash