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Ohio Department Of Transportation Has A TikTok And It’s Something Else

TikTok has taken the world by storm.

Apparently, the Ohio Department of Transportation is not immune to its lure. ODOT has a pretty decent social media presence as it is, but their arrival to TikTok is unique.

Their videos are full of all sorts of weird and interesting content, including bridge demolitions, unique traffic exchanges, and of course, some bad driver shading.


Part 2 to the Philo Bridge Demo! Wonder what we do with the bridge after it falls? ##ODOT ##Bridge ##Demo ##Ohio

♬ original sound – ODOT_Statewide

If you’re thinking “How many people really watch these videos?” I’ve got news for you. Their videos get thousands of views on the regular, and for good reason. Yes, they’re a little cheesy, but they’re also pretty entertaining.

If this little foray into ODOT’s video shenanigans has piqued your interest, you can check out their full library of content by visiting their TikTok here.