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This Modern Cabin In Hocking Hills Is The Peaceful Escape You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Disclaimer: Our stay at I’ll Have S’more was complimentary. But all of our opinions here are genuine and our own.

In the captivating and sometimes magical realm of Hocking Hills, I embarked on an adventure to a modern cabin.

Just over an hour from Columbus, I genuinely couldn’t wait to escape the hustle and bustle of life downtown and spend a couple of days surrounded by nature. After an uneventful journey, we finally approached the cabin, called I’ll Have S’More.

Nestled amidst the idyllic landscapes, the cabin stood tall. Its elevated position offered a fantastic view —a tapestry of lush forest, a babbling creek, and rugged hillsides. If it sounds like a fairytale, that’s because that is how it felt.

Upon stepping inside, I was greeted sophistication combined with the utmost comfort. The cabin has two bedroom suites with king beds, each designed to offer a serene retreat after a day of exploration, and a bunk room on the lower level perfect for the kids. The kitchen truly is the heart of this home, with plenty of space for creating both meals and memories.

I can’t say enough about the primary suite at the house. The bedroom offers the same gorgeous views you get in the rest of the house, but the real show stopper is the bathroom. With a massive rainfall shower and a very relaxing tub, I promise that you’ll find plenty of ways to relax here.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the bed was one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in. I know that mattresses are subjective, but I can’t imagine a comfier place to lay your head after a long day of hiking or exploring.

While the cabin itself was an oasis of tranquility, its location was equally captivating. Situated in close proximity to Hocking Hills State Park’s beloved sights, a world of adventure awaited just beyond its doorstep. Rock House, with its stunning rock formations and captivating history, offered a glimpse into the region’s geological wonders.

Cantwell Cliffs beckoned with its magnificent sandstone cliffs and breathtaking vistas, inviting exploration and introspection. The nearby brand new resort-style lodge added an enticing option for those seeking additional amenities and a touch of luxury.

After a day filled with exploration, the cabin’s outdoor hot tub provided a blissful retreat. Submerged in the bubbling water, surrounded by the serenity of nature, I took in the tranquility and soaked away the weariness of the day’s adventures, which is a common feeling after spending the day exploring the caves, cliffs, and trails of Hocking Hills.

If you’d rather be warm and dry, you can alway head out to the fire pit. Nestled on the hillside, the charming firepit is the perfect place to watch crackling flames and and share stories were under the starlit sky. And if the sky is clear, you’ll see an incredible amount of stars.

My stay at I’ll Have S’more in Hocking Hills totally exceeded my expectations, weaving together contemporary comfort and the untamed beauty of the surrounding landscape. With its three bedrooms, modern kitchen, and epic outdoor spaces, the cabin catered to every need, ensuring a memorable stay for guests of all ages.

If you’d like to learn more about the house, see more photos, or book your own stay, you can do so here.