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The Hungarian Butcher Will Open In Linworth Later This Year

A new specialty butcher shop will open in Linworth later this year.

Chef Dan Varga has spent years honing his craft in some fantastic kitchens around Columbus, including The Refectory, The Explorer’s Club, and Ray Ray’s Hog Pit BBQ. Now, he’s bringing that experience to The Hungarian Butcher.

“This has been a lifelong dream of mine and I am truly excited to share this news with the
people and friends who have followed and supported me for years,” said Varga.

The Hungarian Butcher shop will feature a mix of classic and old world recipes, along with new recipes to create some fantastic charcuterie and meats. Chef Varga will be working with local farmers, suppliers, and sustainable farms from Ohio.

Courtesy of Hungarian Butcher.

Varga has taken recipes he learned from his grandmother, a first-generation Hungarian immigrant and added a modern twist. The shop will have a rotating selection of cured meats like Szalonna, Kolbasz, Sonka, Lonza, and all kinds of paprika-spiked sausages, salamis, bacon, head cheese, hams, and more.

The new shop will be located off Rt. 161 in Linworth and is expected to open in Fall 2021. For more info about the shop, you can Follow Hungarian Butcher on Facebook or Instagram, or visit the website at