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Lending a Hand in the Aftermath: How to Help Victims of Ohio’s Devastating Tornadoes

In a tragic turn of events, central Ohio communities are grappling with the aftermath of a severe storm system that unleashed a series of tornadoes across the region on the evening of Thursday, March 14. The tempest’s fury was felt intensely in Logan County and several other counties, leaving a trail of destruction, multiple fatalities, and countless lives disrupted.

The Wrath of Nature

The onset of the first tornado warnings at approximately 8:30 p.m. marked the beginning of a night of fear and uncertainty. The storm, characterized by fierce winds and reports of tornadoes, continued its rampage until around 10:15 p.m.

The aftermath was grave, with three lives claimed in Logan County alone, as confirmed by the county coroner. Here, an EF-3 tornado—a designation indicating significant destruction—was verified near Orchard Island.

aftermath of logan county ohio tornado

Logan County Commissioner Joe Antrim expressed the community’s heartbreak and readiness to support the affected residents, stating, “We’re heartbroken by the devastation that’s come upon the Indian lake community in the last several hours… Whatever local government can do to assist we certainly are anxious and willing to help in any way.”

Assessing the Damage

The National Weather Service has been diligent in surveying the affected areas to ascertain the extent and locations of the tornado touchdowns. By Friday night, at least eight tornadoes had been confirmed across Ohio, with the damage near Orchard Island initially believed to be caused by an EF-2 tornado, later upgraded to an EF-3.

storm survey process national weather service

Surveys and assessments continued in earnest, including in the village of Lakeview, as local emergency management and sheriff’s departments concluded search and rescue operations.

Additional tornadoes were identified in Licking and Mercer counties, along with Hancock, Crawford, and Richland counties, showcasing the storm’s widespread impact.

tornado aftermath indian lake ohio
Photos taken just moments after the tornado moved through Logan County. Courtesy of @CBJ_Dad0424 on X

How You Can Help

In the wake of such devastation, the spirit of community and solidarity shines bright, with several avenues available for those looking to contribute to the relief efforts:

American Red Cross: An emergency shelter has been established at the Bellefontaine First Church of God. Those in need of assistance should call 1-800-RedCross. Monetary donations are currently preferred, as physical items are not being accepted. More info.

Indian Lake High School: Serving as an emergency shelter, it welcomes those displaced by the storm to 6210 State Route 235, Lewistown. Donations are requested to be scheduled outside of the immediate relief efforts’ operational hours.

United Way of Logan County: The Indian Lake Tornado Relief Fund has been set up to support the affected Logan County families, both immediately and in the long term. Donations can be made online or sent via cash or check to:

  • United Way of Logan County
    Indian Lake Tornado Relief Fund
    653 S. Main St.
    Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Donations so far

As of the morning of March 17, the fund has seen generous contributions from 959 donors, totaling $144,129, with the United Way Board committing an additional $100,000 to kickstart the relief efforts.

The resilience of the human spirit is never more evident than in times of crisis. As these communities band together to rebuild and heal, your support can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by the March 14 tornadoes.

Featured image courtesy of @CBJ_Dad0424 on X.