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Where To Find Heart-Shaped Pizza In Columbus

Valentine’s Day is upon us.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. If a lowkey celebration is more your speed, we’ve got a great suggestion for the dinner portion of the evening.

It’s pretty hard not to enjoy yourself when there’s pizza involved in any situation, and that’s especially true when it’s a holiday all about love and a pizza pie in the shape of a heart. Yes it’s both figuratively and literally cheesy but we don’t care. We’re all in on the heart-shaped pizza friends.

There are plenty of places around Columbus where you can grab this Valentine’s Day special, and we’ve rounded them all up here for you!

Flyers Pizza

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At Flyers Pizza, a $10.99 investment gets you a delightful single-topping heart-shaped pizza. Even better, $2.50 from each sale is donated to Autism Speaks, making your meal both tasty and charitable. This offer is available through Valentine’s Day, making it a perfect pick for your celebration.
Website: Flyers Pizza

Massey’s Pizza

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Massey’s requires a call-in order for their adorable heart-shaped pizza, but the extra step is well worth it. The cuteness factor is off the charts, and the pizza itself is a testament to Massey’s commitment to quality and flavor.
Website: Massey’s Pizza

Joseppi’s Pizza

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Joseppi’s, a family-owned pizzeria since 1969, offers a heart-shaped pizza that’s as rich in flavor as it is in history. Sharing this pie on Valentine’s Day is a nod to tradition and a celebration of love, all in one.
Website: Joseppi’s Pizza


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Donatos, a cornerstone of the Columbus pizza scene, invites you to celebrate with their heart-shaped pizzas. Available for a limited time, these pizzas offer the perfect excuse to indulge in the quality and taste that Donatos is known for.
Website: Donatos
This Valentine’s Day, why not embrace a celebration that’s both simple and shared, with a heart-shaped pizza at its center? Columbus offers a variety of options to make your day special, whether you’re celebrating love, friendship, or the simple joy of good food.