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The Great Westerville Pumpkin Glow Is Back For Another Year Of Fall Fun

I have the most amazing, family-friendly Halloween suggestion for you all.

Westerville Parks and Recreation are once again presenting the Great Westerville Pumpkin Glow. Taking place at Heritage Park in Westerville, the event has been transformed into a drive-thru experience, making it safer for all families to participate.

The park is open all weekend (through October 25th) and again from October 28th through November 1st. You can stop by to see the pumpkins between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., but tickets must be purchased in advance.

To drive through the glowing wonderland, you’ll need to buy your ticket online here. Tickets are non-refundable and cost $15 per vehicle. If you need to, you can exchange your ticket for another evening of the event by calling the Westerville Community Center at 614-901-6500.

The Great Westerville Pumpkin Glow will remain open through light rain, but if a heavy storm rolls in, it’s likely that the event will be canceled. Guests are welcome to wear costumes if they’d like to.

The pumpkins were carved by the community volunteers, students, the Westerville Parks and Recreation staff, and professional artists. For more info about the Great Westerville Pumpkin Glow, you can visit their website here.