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Golden Donuts & Diner Has The Best Breakfast In Columbus

There’s nothing I love more than discovering a new hidden gem. In Columbus, I learn about new restaurants, bars, and events every day. But the day that I learned about Golden Donuts & Diner will stick out for the rest of my life.

I love breakfast food. We’re talking Ron Swanson-levels of love here. So when I came across some compelling reviews for a little diner less than 10 minutes from my house, I knew I had to investigate.

Golden Donuts & Diner is located at 1928 Lockbourne Rd. on the south end of Columbus. It used to be a Jolly Pirate Donuts and it has captured that late 1970s diner charm perfectly.

My friend and I were running a little late, so the donut selection was hit fairly hard. But that was okay, because we came for something else.

We snagged a two person booth next to the window. The resaurant was clean and fun, with music accompanying the boistrous conversation of regulars chatting with one another.

The decor is classic diner, with album records covering every inch of the bright yellow walls. The booth appeared to have been recently reupholstered and the seats were comfy, clean, and adorable.

Now it was time to get down to business. The time from sitting down to having our order taken was less than 10 minutes. We both knew we wanted a traditional breakfast, so we each opted for two eggs and toast, served with a choice of meat and home fries.

While my friend went with eggs over-easy, I went for scrambled. My eggs were fluffy, wonderfully seasoned and served with crispy bacon and the kind of homefries I thought I could only get out of my Kentucky-raised Grandma’s kitchen.

Truth be told, it was one of those meals that you eat and think, “that was the best thing I’ve ever had.” Just look at it!

Perhaps the best part of eating at Golden Donuts & Diner was paying the bill. I couldn’t believe how affordable the food was, especially for the quality and the level of service. If you’re looking for your new favorite place to kick a hangover, you’ve just found it. The diner is open Monday-Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and closed Sunday.