The Former Fort Rapids Is Literally Bursting At The Seams With Water

Two years ago, Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark closed its doors. But passersby on Wednesday morning were treated to a new, unplanned water display.

Water poured out of the 11th and 12th floors of the hotel section of the resort, flooding the hotel and making its way outside were it formed a waterfall down both sides of the facility.

Columbus Fire Captain Loeper told NBC4 that firefighters were not able to get upstairs due to electrical and ice hazards. Apparently, the water was pouring into the elevator shaft and down the staircases as well.

According to firefighters, millions of gallons of water have rushed through most of the building, but damage won’t be able to be accessed until the situation is safer for people to travel to the top floors.

At this time, the water has been shut off, but the freezing temperatures we’re experiencing will most certainly impact the situation. Once those millions of gallons start unfreezing, part two of the flood will likely commence.

Hopefully the water bursting out of the pipes is cleaner than the various violations the park became notorious for when it was open.


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