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This Nigerian Food Truck Went Viral On TikTok. Now They’re Moving Into The Historic East Market

Sometimes, you find the most amazing things on TikTok.

Sure, there are times when you fall down a UFO rabbit hole or your entire feed is full of weird dance challenges, but every now and then you strike gold.

Fork in Nigeria is an east-side food truck known for its traditional West African dishes. With trucks in Columbus and Detroit, they’ve amassed quite a dedicated fanbase on social media. Now, they’ll be moving into their first ever brick-and-mortor location the Historic Trolley District’s East Market in March.

There are lots of delicious things on the menu at Fork in Nigeria, but the most popular dish by far is the restaurant’s famous fufu. This is actually the first dish I saw on TikTok, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Fufu is made by boiling cassava, a starchy root vegetable, and then mashing it into a ball of dough.

Fufu and Egusi Stew via Facebook

And though fufu is delicious, it’s not a whole meal. But don’t worry, because Fork in Nigeria serves up a whole lot more. The menu includes all kinds of goodies, like fried oxtail, goat shank, fried plantains, and some great vegetarian options.

Fork in Nigeria will replace Buck City Sammies’ stall in East Market, located at 212 Kelton Ave. To learn more about the restaurant, visit