This Wild Old West Themed Town Just 1.5 Hours South Of Columbus

Nestled in the hills of Pike County, a visit to Dogwood Pass is a visit back in time.

When walking through the town, you’ll see the 1800’s style saloon, a mercantile, and even an old-time mining camp. The old town is more than just a place to walk around.

Each weekend, Dogwood Pass puts on Outdoor Dramas. The performances range from Wild West shows to Civil War reenactments. There’s even Halloween and Christmas themed events. The town is advertised as a family-friendly experience. Tickets are $15 and kids 7 and under get free admission.

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Mike Montgomery began building the old west town on family property back in 2010. The first building on site was the saloon, which still serves as the centerpiece of the town. 39 buildings later, Dogwood Pass has become quite the attraction.

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“We’ve always been intrigued with horses and the West,” Montgomery, who trained horses professionally for much of his career, told Ohio Magazine in 2018. “My wife [Sharlene] and I decided to build our own saloon up here. It was just going to be for us, a family get-together kind of place.”

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While they’re normally open during the week as well, this little town has reduced their hours due to COVID-19. To get more information about planning a visit to Dogwood Pass or to purchase your tickets, you can visit their website right here.

Dogwood Pass is located at 722 Adams Rd Beaver, OH 45613.

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