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Columbus Humane Has A Bunch Of Corgis Up For Adoption And The Cuteness Is Unreal

Update: I am happy to announce that all of these adorable corgis have found their forever homes. But there are loads of cute pups still looking for families, so please visit the Columbus Humane website to check them out.

Stop what you’re doing right this minute and head to Columbus Humane.

Columbus Humane recently rescued and rehabbed a bunch of corgis from a horrifying puppy mill, and now we can all benefit from their hard work.

A handful of the corgis are now ready to be adopted by loving families, and I can’t be the only one freaking out about this. I’m not one to worry much about what breed of dog I have. We currently have a 100-pound rescue mutt that I love so completely that it reassures my belief that all dogs are the goodest dogs.

Trudy, a female, 7-month-old Corgi mix.

All that being said, there is an undeniable lovability to Corgis. I don’t know if it’s their short little legs, or perhaps their animated faces, but they are precious and every single one of these pups deserve to be in a good home that will reward them with belly pats and yummy treats.

Adopt, don’t shop, is so much more than a catchy motto. The importance of saving shelter dogs cannot be overstated. By rescuing a dog, you’re putting a dent in puppy mill profits, which helps keep future puppers from having to live a sad life.

Travis Barker, a 1-year-old Corgi mix.

Columbus Humane updates their online adoptable dog list in real time, so you can see all of the dogs available before you even head to the shelter. If Corgis aren’t your thing, but you’re still on the hunt, be sure to check out all of their other pups, who are equally adorable and deserving. If you find a dog you like, be sure to fill out an Animal Inquiry form here.