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A Massive Drone Show Will Be On Display After The Crew Match This Weekend

After the Columbus Crew’s home match against Orlando City SC on Saturday, May 13, they’re set to light up the night sky with an extraordinary drone show, all in support of children’s mental health.

In collaboration with The On Our Sleeves Movement for Children’s Mental Health, created by Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the Crew aims to raise awareness about the significance of children’s mental well-being.

This special event, presented by Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the Official Pediatric Mental Health Cause of the Columbus Crew, will showcase various matchday elements that promote the overall wellness of young people in the region and the state.

The post-match spectacle, lasting for an impressive 10 minutes, will feature over 250 drones forming intricate designs representing the club’s history, its devoted supporters, and its commitment to Ohio’s youth through soccer and educational initiatives.

These themes beautifully align with the mission of On Our Sleeves. The drone showcase, a first for the club, will be produced by Sky Elements, an aerial entertainment group known for delivering captivating performances that fuse artistry with technology-driven spectacles.

Kristin Bernert, President of Business Operations for the Crew, expressed the team’s dedication to supporting Central Ohio’s youth through year-round programs focused on soccer and educational engagement.

“The Crew are passionate about supporting Central Ohio youth through our year-round programs focused on soccer and educational engagement, which ultimately benefit the physical and mental health of the next generation and future of Columbus,” said Bernert. “Nationwide Children’s Hospital is a true leader in this space with On Our Sleeves, and we have a unique opportunity to emphasize this important topic in a MASSIVE way with an unforgettable show at Field next week.”

Steve Testa, President of Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation, also shared his excitement about partnering with the Columbus Crew for this match, which will benefit The On Our Sleeves Movement for Children’s Mental Health.

Testa acknowledged the proud alliance between the Crew and On Our Sleeves in breaking stigmas and raising funds to develop expert-created mental health resources for parents, teachers, and coaches. He expressed gratitude towards the Crew, their fans, corporate partners like Nationwide, and the community for their support of On Our Sleeves.

Throughout the entire matchday experience, the Crew and On Our Sleeves will provide information to promote awareness and highlight ways in which parents, guardians, and community members can support the mental health of young people. More details about these efforts will be shared at a later date.

As Mental Health Awareness Month takes place in May, On Our Sleeves will emphasize the importance of initiating conversations that promote mental health and wellness. The organization’s mission is to provide free expert-created resources to communities across the United States, ensuring that everyone can understand and actively promote children’s mental well-being.

Featured image by Isaac Freeman, via Wikimedia Commons. (CC BY-SA 4.0)