This Awe-Inspiring Temple On The Eastside Is A Sight To Behold

Originally published 7/13/17. Updated 3/10/19.

Not many people know about this Lao Buddhist Temple tucked away in the city, but it’s a sight to behold.

Any of my fellow urban pioneers and city explorers can tell you Columbus has a lot of cool and interesting things to offer. They’re not always well known or easy to get to, but our city has some truly breathtaking finds for anyone willing to put in the work and due diligence. By far, one of the coolest and most random sights in Columbus is the Watlao Buddhamamakaram Buddhist temple.

Located on the east side of the city, just south of Livingston Avenue, this Buddhist temple was founded in 2009 by members of our local Laotian community.

It’s truly breathtaking.

The shrine itself is an ornate and beautiful construct.

Decorated with winding, long dragons and gold accents that resemble small licks of fire, it’s hard not to admire the impressive design.

The Watlao Buddhamamakaram Temple remains open to people of various backgrounds.

You don’t even have to be a practicing Buddhist to visit, though there may be a bit of a language barrier if you plan to participate in any services.

Everything was so well maintained, with a careful amount of consideration given to detail.

If you ever want to check it out for yourself and admire the design, the temple is located at 3624 Bexvie Ave, Columbus, OH 43227.

For more information, contact the Buddhist Network of Central Ohio and check out their website here.

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