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Bicycle Spin Art Is The Fun Night Out You’ve Been Looking For

The perfect date night/friend night/fun night is waiting for you at Bicycle Spin Art.

Power your own creativity at a one-of-a-kind active entertainment adventure. At Bicycle Spin Art, you and your friends can take turns pedaling a bike to spin a canvas while the paint is poured above it. The result is a unique piece of art created by you.

When you first arrive at Bicycle Spin Art, you can check-in, grab a cocktail, get changed into your artistic bee keeper’s suit, and create a Bicycle Spin Art name tag.

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After that, you’ll head to your booth where you’ll watch a quick video with info about safety and techniques for the actual spin art process. Although you’ll have a little help from your friends, you’ll each create your own unique 16×24 canvas.

It’s messy, it’s fun, and best of all, you get to do it with your pals. Sessions at Bicycle Spin Art are $32 per person. The art experience is located at 560 S. High Street and the only thing you need to bring with you is socks (you’ll wear borrowed boots during the experience.)

For more information, or to book your session, visit