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AEP Donates $1 Million To Greater Columbus Arts Council

Over the next four years, the Merican Electric Power (AEP) Foundation will pay $1 million to the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s community endowment fund.

The fund supports the Artists Elevated awards, which will give two artists $20,000 each. The awards are focused on providing funds to Columbus-based artists who have been working professionally for at least three years.

“We believe strongly in supporting the artists working in our community,” said Nick Akins, president and CEO of American Electric Power. “We’re committed to recognizing the contributions of artists to our community and bolstering the retention and attraction of creative talent that make Columbus a great place for business and our workers.”

The Arts Council’s Artists Elevated endowment campaign is designed to uplift individual artists through investment.

“Thanks to the generosity of the American Electric Power Foundation, our Artists Elevated awards will have a tremendous impact on artists in our community for years to come,” said Tom Katzenmeyer, president and CEO of the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

The Arts Council has an endowment, the GCAC Community Fund, at the Columbus Foundation. The Arts Council’s giving site can be viewed at