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A Beloved Bexley Pizzeria Has Closed Its Doors

Anthony’s Pizzeria has been serving New York Style pizza from their cozy corner at 602 Pleasant Ridge Ave. in Bexley since the 1940s.

Known for its authentic, thin-crust pizzas and a friendly, bustling atmosphere, this local gem has been a go-to spot for generations. However, on April 17th, a surprising development unfolded as a sign appeared in the window stating:

“We are permanently closed from Today (04/17th). -So Sorry”

This sudden closure has left the community in shock. Multiple calls to the pizzeria went unanswered, and on a visit on Thursday evening, the familiar sound of the phone ringing could be heard from outside the locked doors, signaling an eerie silence for what was once a lively establishment.

sign on anthonys pizzera door

The closing of Anthony’s Pizzeria leaves a pizza-shaped hole in the heart of Bexley. More than just a spot for grabbing a quick slice or a whole pie, Anthony’s was a place of celebration and camaraderie. It saw countless post-game gatherings and offered college students from nearby Capital University a tasty way to power through their late-night study sessions.

The community now faces the challenge of filling the void left by this beloved establishment, as residents fondly remember the good times shared over what many considered the best New York Style pizza in town.