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The 6 Most Delicious Banana Puddings In Columbus

Originally published 7/20/17. Updated 6/17/19.

These are the best banana puddings to enjoy at any summer barbecue.

With Columbus Jazz and Ribfest coming up this weekend, everyone’s psyched for the avalanche of grilled and barbecued meats about to descend on the city. We’ve preemptively apologized to whatever health diet we’re putting on hold and we quietly whisper a little prayer for our cringing cardiovascular systems.

But with all that excitement stirring in the air for ribs, pulled pork, and brisket, it’s easy to forget the quintessential summer barbecue treat: The banana pudding. So with a wink and a bow, our hats go off to best of the best banana puddings in the city.

Most Nostalgic Banana Pudding: City Barbeque

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This banana pudding takes it back to the days of recess and dessert pudding cups. Go ahead and open one up and recollect all those fond childhood memories. This time Reese from the 5th grade won’t be there to push your head into the mulch and steal your banana goodness. Stupid Reese.
Where: Many locations throughout the city, to find one nearest you click here.

Most Waferless Banana Pudding: Ray Rays Hog Pit

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This banana pudding commits the holiest of sins by going waferless in public. It’s a good thing the little guy is super delicious, else we’d have to banish it to the realm of mediocre treats. It’s okay banana pudding, we could never stay mad at you.
Where:  2619 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202 and 5755 Maxtown Rd, Westerville Ohio 43082

Most Hipster Banana Pudding: Milestone 229

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Look at it. It’s being served in a mason jar. Albeit a tiny, little, adorable mason jar but a mason jar none the less. The only thing that could make it trendier is if it was DIY or deconstructed or whatever word we’re using for “making me do more work” the kids are saying these days. Regardless, it’s super delicious and worthy of getting caught in any absurdly large mustache cool enough to mow down on its banana goodness.
Where:  229 S Civic Center Dr, Columbus, OH 43215

Most Bang For Your Buck Banana Pudding: Hot Chicken Takeover

Ringing up at $3.50, it’s hard to pass up on all that smooth pudding flavor. It’s basically an ocean of silky cool sweetness, ready to be yours for just 14 quarters. After chowing down on dinner, you’ll barely be able to finish this huge cup of whipped awesomeness. Except that you will because you have no self-control and no one tells you what you can or can’t do, not even your stomach.
Where:  59 Spruce St, Columbus, OH 43215 and various locations

Most ‘Not Really’ Banana Pudding: La Glory’s

Practically the Schrodinger’s Cat of banana pudding, this dish is simultaneously banana pudding and not banana pudding at the same time. But hey, how can you go wrong with banana pudding made into a cake?
Where:  3350 Allegheny Ave, Columbus, OH 43209

Most Boujee Banana Pudding: Cap City Fine Diner & Bar

This banana pudding is all about style and finesse. It demands a luxurious lifestyle with only the finest of handcrafted spoons allowed to touch its elegant surface. It’s best enjoyed within the confines of a royal palace or in a Lamborghini doing donuts in a rented out football stadium. It’s bad, it’s bougie, and we love everything about it.
Where:  1301 Stoneridge Drive Columbus, Ohio 43230, 1299 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43212, and 6644 Riverside Dr, Dublin, OH 43017