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5 Unique Wineries Around Ohio That Are Worth The Trip

Let’s talk about wine.

I’m down for any sort of adventure, but I do have a tendency to be a little introverted. That is, unless, there is wine involved. I love gabbing over a glass of wine, even if it’s just on my own front porch.

So you can imagine my level of excitement when I hear that I can go to some incredibly unique wineries around Ohio. I’m talking old school buildings and transformed churches here people. Have fun exploring these gems and be safe!

School House Winery

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About: This quaint, historical one-room schoolhouse in Dover isn’t done teaching. The pupils aren’t school children anymore, they’re adults like you and me who want to learn about delicious, Ohio made wine and hang out with our friends. That’s my kind of school. The building was built in 1886 and it’s located just minutes away from Amish Country.
Location: 455 Schneiders Crossing Rd NW, Dover, Ohio 44622
Travel time from Downtown Columbus: about 2 hours
Website: School House Winery

South River Winery

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About: Take me to church, especially if the church you’re talking about is the South River Winery. The old church that houses the winery was originally located in Shalersville, OH, but now you can find it in Geneva. South River serves flights of wine for tasting for $7 and you can even bring in your own picnic items.
Location: 6062 South River Rd, Geneva, Ohio 44041
Travel time from Downtown Columbus: about 3 hours
Website: South River Winery

The Old Firehouse Winery

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About: What if I told you you could sip on a glass of wine and then enjoy the sunset over Lake Erie while riding an adorable Ferris Wheel? Would you be excited? Because you totally can at The Old Firehouse Winery. The Historic Erieview Park Ferris Wheel, originally built in 1956, sits on the grounds of the winery and tickets can be purchased from your server for $3.75.
Location: 5499 Lake Rd E, Geneva, OH 44041
Travel time from Downtown Columbus: about 3 hours
Website: The Old Firehouse Winery

Hidden Lakes Winery

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About: Quiet and secluded, this incredible winery will make you feel like you’re a lot further out of town then you really are. Hidden Lakes Winery was created by Damon Pfeifer, a fifth-generation winemaker. The winery is nestled on the shores of a small, private lake, complete with peaceful views to enjoy while you sip on your flavorful wine.
Location: 650 Winchester Pike, Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Travel time from Downtown Columbus: about 25 minutes
Website: Hidden Lakes Winery

Vinoklet Winery

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About: When Vinoklet Winery was established in 1986, founder Kreso Mikulic had no idea it would grow into a business. He thought he was just taking the skills he had learned from his father in Croatia and planned on creating some wine for friends. But his passion and the vines grew. Now, the vineyard has over 12,000 vines across 30+ acres of rolling hills and ponds in Colerain Township in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is a little slice of wine country right here in Ohio, folks. The winery has a beautiful outdoor pavilion where you can catch various performances throughout the summer.
Location: 11069 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45252
Travel time from Downtown Columbus: about 1 hour and 45 minutes
Vinoklet Winery

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