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Take Your Park Day To New Heights With Blacklick Woods’ Canopy Walk

Ready to elevate your outdoor adventure game this spring? Hold onto your hats because Blacklick Woods Metro Park is unveiling something that’s quite literally above and beyond— a brand new canopy walk suspended 35 feet in the air! Get ready to experience the park like never before with an exhilarating treetop stroll.

What’s the Buzz About?

You’ll be able to wander through lush treetops, catch glimpses of chirping birds, and feel a gentle breeze with every step on the new canopy walk at Blacklick Woods. This eighth-of-a-mile catwalk isn’t just a walk in the park—it’s a walk above the park!

Sky-High Features

The highlight of this $2.8 million project is no doubt the 55-foot-tall observation tower. It’s not just a great spot for bird watchers to mingle with the feathery locals but also a dream come true for anyone who loves a good view. And if you want to add a bit of thrill, there’s a cargo-net hammock to sway in and a playful area for kids featuring a firefighter’s pole and an encapsulated rope bridge.

Accessibility is Key

Worried about climbing up so high? Don’t sweat it! The structure includes a 40-foot elevator tower right by the entrance walk near the park’s nature center, making this exhilarating experience accessible for everyone. Whether you’re wheeling or walking, everyone’s invited to the treetop party.

A Little Background

This lofty project was first proposed at the end of 2020 but faced some delays thanks to supply chain snafus. While a new nature center was on the books, rising construction costs made park planners pivot to focus solely on this spectacular canopy walk, costing around $1.5 million to build.

Mark Your Calendars

Circle May 17 at 10 a.m. in your planners because that’s when the canopy walk makes its grand debut at 6975 East Livingston Ave. Planners are also teasing more features for kids and additional activities in the future, so the fun’s just beginning.

So, whether you’re a bird enthusiast eager for a new spot to spy on spring migrations, or just looking for a fresh family escapade, the canopy walk at Blacklick Woods Metro Park is your next go-to outdoor escape. Get ready to walk (and maybe even bounce a little) on the wild side, Columbus!