Restaurants Can Officially Sell Alcohol To-Go. Here Are 5 Columbus Cocktails To Order ASAP

Staying at home isn’t always great, but it can definitely be a little bit better.

That’s especially true now that you can order some delicious mixed drinks to go with your dinner from Ohio’s bars and restaurants. The Ohio Liquor Control Commission passed an emergency rule allowing establishments with existing on-premises liquor permits to sell and deliver alcohol for off-premises consumption.

And boy, oh boy, am I ready to consume. I tried making my own cocktails but they’re just not as good and I’ve really missed the relaxing activity of ordering a drink and paying for someone else to make it.

Customers are now allowed to purchase up to two pre-packaged drinks with each meal. The drinks have to be closed up tight and must remain that way until you get home, which isn’t a problem because drinking and driving is not cool and I know none of you are about that life.

This rule will stay in effect for 120 days or until the Liquor Control Commission rescinds the order. Although breweries and wineries were already allowed to sell their own products, they can now add cocktails and other beer/wine to their to-go menus.

Now that you’re all informed, it’s time to talk about treats. I don’t know exactly what you’ve been going through, but you’ve probably earned the right to treat yourself to something yummy. Here are 5 cocktails you can get around Columbus to make your day a little brighter.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s Bloody Mary

Order something yummy and then pair it with the best Bloody Mary in town. Wolf’s Ridge is offering four cocktails that you can order to-go, including the Bloody Mary which is Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s house mix and so incredibly delicious. Other cocktails include:

  • Cosmo Collins: Cranberry Vodka, Lime Run, Aperol, Dry Curacao & Lemonade
  • Blue & Not Famous: Mezcal, Yellow Chartreuse, Luxardo, Lemon, Limeade & Ginger Beer
  • Manhattan

Visit them on Facebook to check out their specials and place your order through their website.

Josh’s 💯 Proof Manhattan from The Top

The Top Steak House is running amazing daily specials via their Facebook that are worth an order even without a cocktail. But if you’re going to have The Top for dinner, it would be a crying shame not to order an accompanying cocktail. For $10, you can get Josh’s 💯 Proof Manhattan and toast yourself for a choice well made. Pick up is available between 4-8 pm. You can view the specials here and call 614-231-8238 to order.

A House Margarita from Local Cantina

Local Cantina is offering margaritas on the go and I honestly couldn’t be any more grateful. They’ve got a double Mustache Ride for $16 or House, Blood Orange, Colada Rita, and Cucumber Watermelon margaritas for $8. I’ll shout my love of their House Marg from the rooftops until the end of time, folks. You can order yours here.

A Mimosa from Press Grill

The real joy of drinking a mimosa is doing it with friends. So have all of your pals order to-go dinners from Press Grill and add two mimosas on to their orders. Then go home and load up the video chat for a virtual brunch session. Who cares if it’s in the evening? Time doesn’t really matter anymore anyway. Press Grill has some awesome specials and they all pair perfectly with beer, wine, and or a cocktail or two. You can check out their menu and specials here and then call 614-298-1014 to place your order.

Absolute Juice Sangria from The Walrus

The Walrus is doing weekly cocktail specials and this week is a delightfully fruity sangria. They’re $5 bucks and you can pair them with your favorite Walrus entree. You can view the menu here, but just trust me and order the Steak Frites. You won’t regret it.

Cheers, Columbus. Think of me while you’re sipping on that sweet, boozy goodness.


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