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North 4th Corridor Is Bringing Weddings & Events Back To The Smith Bros’ Hardware Building

When I first heard that Dock 580 and Juniper would be closing, I was heartbroken.

Not only for the people who had booked the venues for their upcoming events were faced with that level of uncertainty, but also because they are two of the most incredible event spaces in the city. I’ve attended weddings in both spaces as a guest and as a vendor, and I was completely enamored with both.

Thankfully, that sadness didn’t have to last for too long and now the spaces have reopened with new ownership. Milo’s Catering announced the new venue complex, North 4th Corridor, last week. Located in the historic Smith Bros’ Hardware building, North 4th Corridor has three wedding & event spaces, each of which has their own unique vibes.

Revery will take over the rooftop space. The sweeping views of the city from the glass-enclosed venue are all the backdrop anyone needs for a chic, elegant Columbus wedding.

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The second venue in the space is called Brick & Mortar. It features “rich textures, exposed brick, dark wood beams, and a manicured courtyard” which makes it the perfect place to have both your ceremony and a cocktail hour.

The third and final venue in the complex is Post 4. This multi-level industrial venue has the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor, with an oversized glass garage door.

North 4th Corridor has just started accepting bookings. For more information about the space or to obtain pricing, please visit their website here.