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Take The Perfect Spring Stroll At Inniswood Metro Gardens

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to enjoy nature, stop what you’re doing and head to Inniswood Metro Gardens.

Located in a scenic nature preserve, Inniswood Metro Gardens offers 123 acres of gorgeous, natural inspiration. From streams and woodlands to wildflowers and wildlife, the park is truly one of the most gorgeous in the Metro Park system.

Inniswood is home to over 2,000 species of plants. Throughout the park, you’ll find multiple trails, gardens, and specialty collections. It’s a great place to take the kids, with paved paths for pushing strollers or wagons and a fantastic children’s area.

Inniswood Metro Gardens was once home to Grace and Mary Innis, sisters who shared a passion for gardening and wildlife observation. The women donated their home and property to Franklin County Metro Parks in 1972.

Within the park, you’ll find the Sisters Garden, complete with a statue to commemorate the two women and the beautiful land they left behind for all of us to enjoy. Five out of the six trails at Inniswood Metro Gardens are ADA compliant, and most are paved.

The garden is open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. To start planning your visit, you can check out the Metro Parks website.

If you fall in love with Inniswood, and let’s face it, you totally will, you can support Inniswood Metro Gardens by becoming a member of the Inniswood Garden Society.

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