Glazed Churro Bar Will Be Your New Favorite Food Truck

Stop what you’re doing right now and go get yourself something from Glazed Churro Bar.

Okay, maybe not right this second. They do have a schedule, after all. But when the food truck is out and about, you should absolutely make it a priority.

We found them hanging out by the State House today, and it was totally worth the visit. I was sold by the mere mention of churros, but much to my surprise (and delight) they have a lot more on the menu.

From a fresh salad to taco cones, to ice cream sundaes, they really know how to give a girl what she wants.

We settled on a birthday cake churro sundae and a chicken taco cone.

So. Freaking. Tasty.

The food truck moves around, but they always let you know when and where they’ll be on their Facebook page. So next time you have the chance, go treat yo’ self. You won’t regret it.

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