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Here’s Where To Find This Adorable Wendy’s Frosty Cart In Columbus

Ready to check out one of the cutest little food carts you’ve ever seen?

The newly unveiled Wendy’s Frosty Cart has set up shop within the Columbus Zoo grounds, offering a wide assortment of frozen delights to tempt visitors of all ages. With classic flavors, imaginative blends, and the freedom to customize, this mobile concept adds an exciting dimension to the zoo experience.

The Wendy’s Frosty Cart introduces an array of options to satisfy every palate. Visitors can enjoy the timeless flavors of Chocolate and Vanilla Frostys, aka the signature treats that have delighted Wendy’s customers for years.

However, the Frosty Cart takes it a step further with its tantalizing Frosty Fusions. These blended masterpieces come adorned with delightful toppings, ranging from the whimsical crunch of Lucky Charms to the indulgent richness of chocolate chips. The Frosty Fusions are a unique take on the classic Frosty, offering a playful twist to the beloved frozen dessert.

In addition to the Frosty Fusions, the Wendy’s Frosty Cart offers a build-your-own option for Frosty Sundaes, allowing visitors to customize their frozen treat experience. The possibilities are endless as patrons can choose from an array of toppings and sauces to create their perfect Frosty Sundae.

From the satisfying crunch of Oreos and rainbow sprinkles to the sweet tang of Nerds and strawberry sauce, the Frosty Cart caters to diverse preferences. The indulgence continues with a selection of premium toppings such as Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce and Ghirardelli Sea Salt Caramel Sauce, adding a touch of decadence to each creation. Of course, it’s not really a sundae until you top it with a whipped cream crown!

Guests can access this sweet oasis during regular zoo hours, enjoying a refreshing treat while immersing themselves in the zoo’s captivating ambiance. However, it’s essential to mark your calendars, as the Frosty Cart will bid farewell on October 29th, making this limited-time experience even more special.

The Wendy’s Frosty Cart has found this temporary home in the Adventure Cove region of the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. In that area, you can take a ride on the Adventure Sky Wheel, check out the seals, then stop by the cart for a frozen treat.

Wendy’s, the renowned fast-food chain behind the beloved Frosty, has a rich history that dates back to 1969. Founded by Dave Thomas here in Columbus, Wendy’s quickly gained popularity for its commitment to quality and fresh ingredients.

The Frosty was introduced back in 1969, and it’s arguably the most iconic item on the menu. With the introduction of the Wendy’s Frosty Cart at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, visitors can now embark on a delightful frozen treat adventure alongside their wildlife encounters.

Whether savoring the classic Chocolate and Vanilla Frostys, experimenting with Frosty Fusions, or creating personalized Frosty Sundaes, the Frosty Cart offers something for everyone.