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‘Food & Wine’ Says We’re One Of The Best Cities For Bakeries In U.S.

Who would have guessed? Columbus stepping into the spotlight as one of the best bakery cities in the U.S. Yes, you read that right.

Food & Wine recently rolled out its list of top U.S. cities for bakeries, and guess who made the cut? Our very own Columbus, sliding into the seventh spot with the grace of a freshly baked croissant. It’s a revelation that’s as delightful as it is surprising.

According to the article, Ohio’s booming agricultural scene is a game-changer, offering local chefs and bakers access to some of the finest ingredients. And boy, are they making use of it.

From the fluffiest of desserts and cakes to savory delights and hearty sandwiches packed with local fruit and veg, Columbus is proving to be a hidden gem in the culinary world. But we’re not just talking about your run-of-the-mill Midwestern fare. Oh no.

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Columbus is bringing flavors from all over the globe to the table. Fancy a slice of house-made Japanese sweet bread? Belle’s Bread has got you covered. Or perhaps a sugar-dusted cruffin or a cardamom knot tickles your fancy? Dan the Baker is your guy.

And it’s not just Food & Wine singing Columbus’s praises.

Our competitor couldn’t help but acknowledge the city’s rising status as a serious foodie destination. With bakeries like Belle’s Bread and Dan the Baker getting special mentions, it’s clear that Columbus’s bakery scene is no longer Ohio’s best-kept secret.

Nestled between Seattle and Portland in the rankings, Columbus is in good company. But what sets it apart is its underdog status. This isn’t a city typically heralded for its culinary prowess, which makes its inclusion in such a prestigious list all the more satisfying. It’s a testament to the creativity, diversity, and ingenuity of Columbus’s bakers and chefs.

So, what’s the secret to Columbus’s success?

It’s our city’s commitment to quality, innovation, and a dash of Midwestern charm. Whether it’s the rich, agricultural bounty of Ohio that provides the freshest of ingredients, or the adventurous spirit of its bakers, Columbus has found the perfect recipe for bakery bliss.

As a resident or a visitor, you now have a delicious mission: to explore and indulge in the best bakeries Columbus has to offer. Whether you’re a sweet tooth or a savory fan, there’s something in this city for everyone. And who knows? You might just find your new favorite spot.