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The Most Charming Covered Bridges In Ohio

Ohio’s covered bridges are some of our best-kept secrets and hidden gems.

There are over 125 historic wooden covered bridges in Ohio, each one gorgeously fitting into its surroundings. There are no bad times of the year to check out these delightful little (sometimes not so little) bridges. But even I have to admit that there’s no more perfect time than autumn.

There’s something so incredibly charming about one of these wooden bridges set against fall foliage. If you’re ready to get out there and explore, I don’t blame you. Let’s hit the road, shall we?

Covered Bridge Scenic Byway

Photo by Linda Tanner. License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

The National Forest Covered Bridge Scenic Byway follows State Route 26 from Marietta to Woodsfield and it’s the perfect place to start your Covered Bridge adventure. Most of the journey will have you traveling along the Little Muskingum River. The byway is about 35 miles and you can take a self-guided tour that will take you to ten different stops. The tour will take about four hours, plus a one hour trip back to Marietta. Wayne National Forest is the perfect setting for this adventure, offering a stunning backdrop to the three bridges on the trail.

The Bridge of Dreams

Photo by Mark Spearman. License CC BY 2.0.

The Bridge of Dreams is absolutely massive. Completed in 1998, the Bridge of Dreams spans the Mohican River in Knox County. You won’t be able to cross the bridge in your car, but you can cross it by bike or foot. The local Amish population frequently crosses the bridge in buggies.

The bridge is part of the Mohican Valley Trail, which extends throughout the region, connecting several trails in nearby Holmes County.

Smolen-Gulf Bridge

Photo by Michael A. Orlando. Licensed under the CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

If you’ve ever wondered what the largest covered bridge in the United States looks like, you don’t have to wonder much longer. At 613 feet, the Smolen-Gulf Bridge is not only the largest in the country, but the fourth largest in the world. The bridge was designed by John Smolen, a former Ashtabula County Engineer.

Hueston Woods Covered Bridge

via Facebook

The Hueston Woods Covered Bridge is the perfect addition to any visit to the gorgeous Hueston Woods Lodge. The bridge itself is a modified Burr Arch design. Although it’s timber-covered, it’s reinforced with concrete foundations. There’s a six-foot covered walkway on either side of the bridge which you should definitely take advantage of if you’re interested in checking out the scenic view of Four Mile Creek.

State Road Covered Bridge

via Wikimedia

This beautiful bridge crosses Conneaut Creek in Ashtabula County. State Road Covered Bridge is found in a stunning setting, and full of little surprises.One of the most beautiful elements of this bridge has to be the stunning lattice windows that run through the entire length of the bridge. You can drive across the bridge, or take advantage of roadside parking to get out and explore on foot.

Roberts Covered Bridge

The oldest covered bridge in the state is quite a site. The Roberts Bridge was built in 1829. The bridge is a double-barrel, truss-designed bridge and that’s pretty impressive considering there are only six of them left in the entire country. The bridge was constructed with local beech, poplar, and oak.

Bergstresser/Dietz Bridge

canal winchester covered bridge
The Bergstresser/Dietz Bridge, a charming relic of Ohio’s past, stands as the sole surviving covered bridge here in Franklin County. Nestled just outside of town in Canal Winchester, this wooden masterpiece gracefully spans Little Walnut Creek, a tributary of the Scioto River. While the bridge’s structural integrity remains intact, it now exclusively caters to pedestrians, preserving its historical allure and offering a picturesque glimpse into Ohio’s covered bridge heritage.

Featured image via Facebook.