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Out Of Control Columbus Police : 24 Instances Of Police Vs. Protestor Violence

Mayor Ginther, at the press conference announcing a citywide curfew and National Guard deployment, commended the Columbus Police Department for their restraint during protests in recent days.

Mayor Ginther is not one for criticizing police, but that “restraint” he’s lauding has included the macing of City Council President Shannon Hardin and Rep. Joyce Beatty, along with numerous examples of police acting aggressively towards protestors while covering up body cams and identification (see update at bottom). Here are numerous examples – we’ll update if more surface.

July 28: (scroll down for previous incidents)

Use of pepper spray at close range, following detainment and removal of eye protection

July 2:

Woman seemingly arrested for picking up balloons in street

June 21:

Indiscriminate Macing (begins at 38 second mark)

Another viewpoint:

From Dispatch coverage:
Columbus police Commander Smith Weir said one person was arrested because they had thrown a motorized scooter at an officer in front of the McKinley statue on South High Street. Another person was also arrested.

Weir said that mace was used during the skirmish in front of South High Street. He said mace was also used when officers were surrounded by protesters.

Mayor Andrew Ginther issued a directive Tuesday barring police from using tear gas and other chemical agents against peaceful protesters. Ginther also limited the use of pepper spray to instances of clear violence.

Ginther, though, issued a statement Sunday that supported the police action.

Police mace double amputee and confiscate artificial limbs:

From this Reddit thread.


1. Columbus Police Mace A Woman Walking Away Who Has Her Back Turned

2. SWAT Officer Chases Woman Leaving Protest, Maces Three Times

3. Police Macing Indiscriminately

4. CPD Uses Pepper Spray On Rep. Joyce Beatty And City Council President Shannon Hardin

5. Officer Maces From A Distance

6. More Macing From Far Away

Photographer being pepper sprayed by police during protests downtown from r/Columbus

7. CPD Rips Gas Mask Off Of Protestor And Peppers Sprays Person With Hands Up

8. Police Pepper Spray Journalists From The Lantern










Video I captured of police dumping protestors water at yesterday’s event. from r/Columbus





Update: Reports are in that tape coverings may be used as signaling and not body cam/ID concealment. Other info claims body cams aren’t able to be used with issued riot gear in Columbus. We have a request for more info to CPD PR and will update if/when they respond.

Update #2: Police Chief Quinlan admitted to City Council last night that police are unable to use body cams or badges with identification while in riot gear. More here.