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Introducing the Navigator Metro Parks Poster Project, Featuring Four Crazy Talented Local Artists

I don’t think I really understood exactly how much people loved posters until I met my husband.

Concert posters, event posters, it doesn’t matter. If the design intrigues him, I can assume that the poster is coming home with us. Now that my home is decorated with a variety of framed, limited-run posters, I finally get it.

They’re interesting, they make great conversation starters, and they almost always have a memory associated with them that makes me think of a time when we were having fun. What’s not to love? If you get that same feeling when you hear that we’ve partnered with four incredible local artists to celebrate the things we love about four iconic parks around Columbus, then you’re in for a treat.

On September 8th, we’re hosting a launch party event for our new online retail store, and we’ll have four, limited run, locally designed posters for sale. The posters will be $30 each and they depict four Columbus parks: Scioto Audubon Metro Park, Scioto Grove Metro Park, Clear Creek Metro Park, and Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.

I’m sure you can’t wait to get a peek at these beauties, so let’s dive right in.

Scioto Audubon | Benjamin Howes

Benjamin Howes grew up in rural Ohio. Although he calls Columbus home now, his love of nature hasn’t faded. Howes has done logo and illustration work for a variety of clients including bands, breweries, restaurants, and various campaigns. To see more of his work, you can follow him on Instagram or check out his website.

Scioto Grove | Chelsea Bunn

Would you like to have something in common with Snoop Dogg? Because he’s a fan of Chelsea Bunn’s artwork too. Bunn has an impressive list of previous clients, and we’re so excited that she decided to share her take on Scioto Grove Metro Park with us. Want to see more? You can follow Chelsea on Instagram or visit her website.

Clear Creek Metro Park | Remo Remoquillo

Remo Remoquillo took on the task of creating the perfect poster for one of our absolute favorite Columbus metro parks, Clear Creek. His work is colorful, bright, and captures the essence of Clear Creek so well. To see more work from Remo you can follow him on Instagram or check out his website.

Battelle Darby Creek | Logan Schmitt

Illustrator Logan Schmitt has spent years perfecting the art of the poster. I personally already have a framed concert poster by Schmitt in my house, and the amount of joy it brings me cannot be overstated. From national touring acts like The Avett Brothers to local projects, Schmitt’s talent to create beautiful things is definitely one to be admired. To see more of his work, you can check him out on Instagram or visit his website.

For more info about the launch event, please click here.